Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pet Layouts??

Just cruising around and came across a post about a very short deadline from CK requesting layouts. Yes, pets…seems like it said something about what your pets do. Hmmm…around here?? Not much!

Meet Speckle. Yeah, that’s what I said Speckle…kind of an odd name if you ask me (but no one around here did). The kids said he is “Speckle” because when he was born he had speckles on his nose…(whatever you say kids) I tried for Max, Mack, something “tough”…shoot Spot would have worked…but nope…had to be Speckle.

Anyway…Speckle is our Boston Terrier…guess he is probably about two. Truth be told, I don’t really remember! But Speckle is one lazy pooch. Not sure where he gets it though. his Momma was nothing like that.

This is Speckle's mom, Maggie. (Maggie!! A much better name, don’t you think?) Maggie was one of those run and play and chase you around the yard dogs. The kids had a blast with her, she was their very first dog. They got her for their first Christmas in our new house. She was just a tiny puppy.Maggie died last year leaving us with just Speckle. The kids were so disappointed…said they liked Maggie much better because she wasn’t so lazy and would play. It was good for them though a couple months ago when a card I made with her photo came out in Paper Made Easy. This photo of her photo was even printed in the back with the templates to be used on a card.

They miss Maggie, but they settle for Speckle and try to liven him up and teach him tricks. My youngest has always been pretty fond of him as long as he doesn’t lick him. Not so sure how Speckle feels about him though.

So, back to the CK call. I think I have done one pet page in the whole 8+ years I have scrapped. So now I am thinking….a pet layout?? With Speckle??..hmm…sounds sort of like an episode of Seinfield….a lot of talk about doing nothing. I think I will pass on this one. But I have to admit the pooch is just pretty cute (even though I still think he needs a better name).


Robyn said...

OMG, that last shot of your little man and Speckle has me CRACKING up! The look on Speckle's face is priceless!

Sheila said...

Love that photo of your son and dog! Too funny! :) Oh, and I think Speckle is a GREAT name.

em said...

These pictures are adorable! I am a huge dog lover!! :)