Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy Summer Days

Sheesh! I sat here late last night and typed out a whole entry. Tried to add photos…nothing. Then *poof* my post was gone too. Took that as a sign to go to bed and try again today . I am learning that I have to add images first, because if I ype first they aren't being added for some reason.

It has been a super busy week around here. The kids went to camp during the first half so I spent most of my time going back and forth. And then we had storms so I stayed off line during that. Camp was hot but went really well. They all had a great time and 10 kids were saved (and so was my 5 y/o after she came home!!!) They got to go to the pool, watch monster trucks race, get sprayed by the fire truck (1000 gallons of water!!), jump in the huge bounce house, tie dye bandanas and have some great services. Everyone who put in time there is such a blessing.

I missed my “babies” while they were gone (even if I did still see them every day!) but I was able to finally get the house clean for more than 10 minutes (although it didn’t last near as long as I would have liked). I can’t stand to have a messy house so that was a refreshing change of pace.

Oh! Speaking of “babies” Jamie over at Legacies announced that they are expecting a new addition to their family! Congrats Jamie!! (and yes, I hate being pregnant too! Love the babies- hate the pregnancy).

Summer has been busy but we still have lots to do over the next few weeks. We have a trip to Six Flags (hooray for free tickets), a trip to the fair (note to self: call best friend and beg her to go with me), new braces (already!?), restarting piano lessons (guess DD should practice) , a new haircut for me (still not sure what that will end up being), a scrapbook convention (shopping!), and it’s almost time for the kids to start working on the church Christmas play again (always lots of fun). Yikes!! Maybe it is a good thing that I decided not to go to CHA (well, not really; but. I’m trying to convince myself I made the right decision)

I am trying to decide if I will take my camera to Six Flags this year. I got some cute photos last year so I hate not to but also hate to have to keep up with it and keep it protected. Here are some from last year. Love that Basic Grey!

I got a request last week from Papercrafts for the Feb 07 issue (almost misssed the deadline!). Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a lot of new projects done lately but have several sketched out.

Still have that canvas paper from HP on my desk waiting for me…really itching to get started on that one!! HP is having a great sale on photo paper right now several of them arte B1G1. I got 2 each of the 4x6 (100pk), 5x7 (60pk) 8.5x11 (100pk) and one of the 13x19. Plus I got next day delivery free. I should be set on paper for a while. (Now to find a great deal on ink).

Yesterday I got samples of the new metallic papers from Prism…they are absolutely gorgeous!! The metallics have this really pretty shimmer to them that doesn’t show near as well in the scan as IRL and these colors are definitely my favorites so far. I am planning on working with those in the very, very near future!

I have several submissions I need to get done and in so I am hoping to get to play around with both of those products soon.

So what about the sneak peeks from CHA? I have to admit it is right around show time when all the new stuff comes out I sort of wish I was part of a design team. (Like I don’t have enough to do already!) How fun to get the samples first! I normally don’t apply for DTs but I just keep waiting hoping the right one will find me (yeah, I know just dreaming…sort of like hoping to win the lottery when I never buy tickets *grin*) Oh well there is always shopping (and it’s a lot less work!) So far I am still pretty much holding on to the same wish list…Scenic Route, Paper Salon, Queen and Co and Gin X. Oh, and the Cosmo Cricket…but I already have it on the way..hoping it comes today. Funny thing about Cosmo Cricket…I noticed they added a note to the website that they are *not* looking for designers. They haven’t even come out in stores yet and it looks like they are already getting swamped. That's a good sign of things to come i suppose.

Well, I guess I better get some things done around here so I can get started on my projects. I’ll be sure and post some designs with the HP canvas paper and Prism metallics soon. Be sure and share your projects as well. Here is a bit of inspiration to help you out. ( I had two but messed up and deleted one and can't get it to load now..grrr).

I also updated my links on the left so be sure and check out those great sites too!

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Heather D. White said...

Hey cutie! Thanks for popping in on my blog. About taking your camera to Six Flags...I wouldn't. I don't even take mine to CKUs...I take a disposable. Sounds cheesy, but the FUJI one actually takes really good pictures...for a disposable...especially if you are going to be taking a lot of outdoor shots. It's not worth having to worry about it. I had my 35mm with me at Disneyworld and it was a nightmare...just to CARRY it everywhere. So dumb. I won't do that again. To's not worth the risk or the trouble it is to bring it. And as for CHA time for DTs, I must tell you that it is bitter sweet. I won't is KILLER to get products in your hands before everyone else...VERY COOL! And it's fun to create with them. It's also the busiest time of year, so the compensation is always more around show time. However, pulling 2 weeks of all-nighters really wears me out. By the time it's showtime, I literally collapse. It is SO much work! But I still do it....because I love it! LOL! Thanks again for stopping in at my blog! It's so nice to see you every now and again!