Monday, June 18, 2007

New Designs

Here is one of my newer layouts. It's not actually all that new. It just had a makeover. I didn't like the way the title looked so I reworked it. I was much happier with it the second time around. The cardstock is white and Intensie Kiwi from Prism. The rest is GinX.

Not too long ago I did this 6x12 layout. The accent packs from Prism were perfect for the project. They are 6x12 sheets of cardstock that come in packs of four colors. They are actually designed as "accents" for the 12x12 Prismatics cardstocks but work great alone. This one is the "Yellow Accent Pack" (made to go with the Prismatics Yellows) which consists of Iced Teal, Frosted Teal, Iced Cobalt and Frosted Cobalt. The letters are from Making Memories
July 2004 At almost two, Jason is just so cute. One day, after taking his bath, Daddy wrapped him in his towel and said "Tell Mommy you're so precious". He said "precious" and curled up in my arms for a hug. After that every time he would get out of the shower I would wrap him in his towel and he would snuggle up to me and say "Precious." with that cute little smile I love so much.

Oh and I have a fun suprise to share. I picked up the latest issue of BHG Scrapbooks etc last week and was thrilled to see that my purse card was used for the new metallics ad from Prism. (Does this mean I can say I was in SB etc. now?? *grin*) The Prism metallics are awesome to work with so I was very happy that I got to be a part of showing it off. I don't have the ad scanned yet (I'll do that tomorrow). Here is what the card looks like. The colors are Azalea and Mountain Rose.

Well, that's it for tonight...time to go play some more :)


Sherrie said...

just love that pup diggin' up the dirt! Love your work!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

OOOO! I have that embossing folder and a bunch of those Prima Whispers! I'm not saying I'm gonna lift it, but....!(LOL!) I love everything you have posted here! And I knew I'd seen that purse somewhere!! Fabulous!

Girl James said...

I adore!!! that "If Friends Were Flowers" card! GORGEOUS! Submit stuff like that for DT stuff! I'd *heart* it forever!