Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cards for Beth- Breast Cancer Card Drive

If you have stopped by for a hop or other craft related posts please scroll down as this important post will remain on the top of my blog throughout the month of October.

As most of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. While I have never had anyone in my immediate family have breast cancer, like many, I have been touched my this awful disease.  Most recently it is through a dear lady from my church. Her name is Beth and she has terminal stage four inflammatory breast cancer.

Beth is a wife, a mother of 5, a grandmother, a sister and a friend. Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer some time back and with it now spread to her brain she is currently in a battle for her life. 

Beth has touched so many people. Beth is the lady who, even though fighting an overwhelmingly hard battle, never gives up hope. While some may complain over the smallest inconvenience or ailment Beth doesn't. She continues to press on. Quiet and content, she is the lady who is always there, willing to give up her time and resources, for someone in need. The lady who will volunteer to drive a van full of chatty church women in the city and never miss a beat. Even with all she has went through, she is always sitting there on Sunday morning at 8:15 am beside her husband and kids. On Wednesday nights, Beth is right there helping with the 3rd-6th grade kids. She is one who my 11 year old daughter tells me "Ms. Beth always helps us with our memory verses, Mom. If we get stuck she always takes time to stop and help us remember them. She doesn't do like a lot of people and just say keep trying and you'll get it. She really helps us."

Beth and her family have touch the lives of my family in many ways.  She is a true inspiration. My heart aches for her. While our church recently began a week of prayer and fasting on Beth's behalf I still keep having the feeling that there must be something I can do. Those that know me well know that I am not good with words or knowing the right thing to say. So, I have prayed that I can find some way that I can show Beth how much she means to so many. I want to encourage her and let her know she is not alone in this battle. To let her know there are people who have been through this same fight and won. To remind her that she is in the thoughts and prayers of many.  Yesterday, the Lord placed an idea on my heart. Today, I am reaching out to all of my creative friends. I want to shower Beth with handmade cards. Cards from around the world. I want to let her know there are people all over praying for her, thinking of her and many know just what she and her family are going through.

 During the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I would like to ask all who can to send Beth a card of encouragement. Let her know there are people all over thinking of her, praying for her and know that this battle can be won. If you are able to send a card of encouragement, it can be sent to the address below:

Cards for Beth
c/o Bethel Baptist Church
569 Bethel Church Road
Lonedell MO 63060

Even if you aren't able to create a card for Beth, I would ask that, if you believe in the power of prayer, you join the many who are praying for her complete and total healing. I would also ask that you pass on this post to anyone you may know who would be able to create a handmade card as well.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Kelli Hull said...

Found this from Facebook and I will be sending a card for sure! Your post touched my heart and I feel your pain. Prayers of course for Ms. Beth!!!! What a wonderful woman she sounds to be!!!!


Beth said...

Special Card on the way! <3

Patti J said...

Will get a card in the mail tomorrow, Tami, and will definitely be sending up some prayers for your sweet Beth.

Lisa K said...

Thank you so much for telling us about this lady. I am from Franklin County and know this area well. I just sent a note to my mother, who still lives there and sends many cards for her church. We will do our best to send a few!

Melissa Craig said...

Hi Tami. You're doing a very sweet thing for your friend. We are celebrating my sister's 5th year of being a breast cancer survivor. There is a challenge on my Tuesday Morning Sketches blog for pink birthday to celebrate my sister. I know my sister would share her "occasion " with her. I'm going to add your link to the blog and maybe we'll get a few more to send Beth some cards. I'll get one in the mail, too. Hugs!

Donna Phelan said...

I do believe in the power of prayer and I can make a card! Bless you both.

Angela said...

My card is made and I will be mailing it out tomorrow!! :)

Kylie said...

Hi Tami. You may not think you have a way with words but you have one Australian with tissues to her eyes. I am hoping to make a card for Beth in the next few days and send it on. Love and prayers from Queensland, Australia.

PaulaJ said...

I will pray immediately and prepare a card out in the mail ASAP. Should be sometime tomorrow. What a wonderful testimony of a life truly well lived. May this Godly woman fell the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the peace which passes all understanding be with her and with her family during these difficult days.

PaulaJ said...

created my card which will mail out tomorrow. I put it in a blog post with your info so hopefully more cards will grow from this one. God bless Beth and God bless you for being such a good friend to her.