Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter Canvas

Hi All! Today I have a fun and easy canvas wall decor idea that will add sparkle to any home. The majority of my home is red, white and blue so I chose to use that color scheme along with a fun snowflake design and lots of sparkle using silver Glitter Silk cardstock and some glitter paint.

Winter Canvas Supplies:

Step 1: Paint canvas using Tuscan Red acrylic paint. Recoat as desired allowing to dry in between coats. Let dry completely.

Step 2: Paint canvas with a thin layer of Ice Crystal Glamour Dust glitter paint.

Step 3: Size split snowflake design to fit canvas. Cut-out from silver Glitter Silk cardstock using eClips 2 electronic cutter.

Step 4: Size name so that height fits within opening of snowflake. Cut-out from Navy ColorCore cardstock using eClips 2 electronic cutter.

Step 5: Apply Decou-page medium to back of snowflake pieces.

Step 6: Adhere snowflake pieces to canvas adding extra medium as needed.

Step 7: Brush entire canvas with Decou-page medium. Attach name; brush over image with additional medium. Let dry completely.

Step 8: Attach hot-fix rhinestones as desired.

And there you have it!

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