Sunday, September 06, 2015

A Card Sketch and a Long Explanation About Life

As many of you know, several years ago when I did the CardMaker's Sketchbook series with Annie's publishers those books were inspired by a card sketch blog that I had started way back in 2007 called CPS, which stood for Card Positioning Systems. When I started that blog, just like the books, it was one of the first of its kind. I worked with many of my designer friends and had a blast. There were thousands of subscribers and many participants. Over the years there became more and more sketch challenge blogs and I simply felt burn out and decided it was time to move on. That was in October of 2012. 

Flash forward--A little over a week ago I announced that the CPS Card Sketch Facebook page, as well as my Clean and Simple Cards page, were to be shut down. Today, I sent out an  email blast through Feedblitz  letting people know that the newsletter was to follow. In that announcement I gave a link to Create It Simply. If any you came to join me here after receiving that--THANK YOU!! I always appreciate the love and support of fellow crafters. I also have laugh because I have already gotten several unsubscribes after sending out that letter I was closing it today. I guess I should turn off notifications before I get one for each of the 1900 who have decided "content no longer relevant". (I've gotten several of those lately.) But the best are those with people saying it was spam because they didn't remember subscribing...I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't remember that long ago. ;) Used to that would have bothered me. Because, you know, it's all about numbers and followers. But today it doesn't. Today I see it as people who want to simplify life. And I'm all for that.

See, all of these changes weren't without a plan. Maybe not MY plan at the time...but a plan.  After a 3 year break I've reevaluated my goals. You see, back then I was what you would call a "professional designer". I loved design teams and publication work. 

But as years passed I got tired of always being busy and working on someone else's schedule. Back in June I did something I NEVER thought I would do. I became a Stampin' UP Demo (shameless plug). Seriously,3 years ago if you would have even mentioned it I would have rolled my eyes. I hate parties and why would I sell things when I could be on a design team and get free stuff. Well, people forget to mention that with those teams also comes responsibility and schedules. THIS is on MY schedule. THIS is what I want to work with WHEN I want to do it. And, with my amazing upline, I've even managed to still get free stuff! Don't get me wrong, I still design for Sizzix and I still do some editing for Annie's and enjoy both. But life is calmer now. I blame it a lot on this baby girl who stole my heart.... 

Oh. My. Gosh. They were right being a grandma is the BEST. THING. EVER.

That said, a few weeks ago I decided to consolidate my efforts right here. I even changed my blog and Facebook pages to reflect my new outlook--Create It Simply! That's always been my crafting goal. Simple. But, in addition, I decided to enjoy what I once enjoyed. As a CRAFTER, not a "professional designer". To be ME. Not just a sales pitch for someone else. And, with that, I also decided to create more sketches. After all, that's the goal of this "new" blog "Your online source for crafts made easy". And what could make creating easier than a well laid out plan for card designs?

Remember those cards I showed you yesterday? Well, it just happens that they go along with a new sketch :) And here it is! I hope you'll play along too! I've added a link up tool at the very bottom of this post for you to share your designs...well, at least I *hope* I have. After 3 years I'm a little forgetful how this all works ;) If you don't see it feel free to just leave me a comment with a link to your design! 

I also started adding images of all products used to my posts...not really to be "salesy"  (That's TOTALLY a word, right?) You are free to keep scrolling. But, because it makes my life easier. Seriously, mystampinblog lets me add it all with a simple click and no linking and typing. And right now that is what my life is about...EASY. That's what I decided to do. ;) And nope, I am not affiliated with them at all and they do it all for free and ask nothing in return. (But a tip is always appreciated!)

So there you have it. If you made it this far I am totally amazed. Gold star for YOU! My kids would have tuned me out after the first sentence as I tend to ramble. 

Now I'm off to clean my desk. 

Real? Yeah. THAT mess is REAL.

Create Is Simply 9/6/15 sketch:

If you missed the cards here they are as well:

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TN Granny said...

Tami, I've been with you from a long time ago and I totally understand where your coming from. With age comes understanding that life is to darn short so make it simple. Your on the right path Ms. Tami and know that following your heart is God's plan.

dj said...

Kuddos!! I love seeing people stepping back and finding what they love!! Welcome to the stampin up family!! Tell me about the product links??!?? I have seen others doing that an wondered how they had time to create each of the links but you said it was easy!??! Would love for you to share with me!!

Parker said...

I was planning on saying something grand, but Granny beat me to it. I "met" you around the Quite A Catch and Vintage Chic time. I really miss the great stamp TV sets that used to be. Haven't been very great for a long while. Of course, I have the Tags and Blocks as well. :) .. Keep on keeping on with your plan and I'm totally glad to see you doing something with Stampin Up. I like your two latest looks...a lot. Good luck with SU and may all your goodnesses be blessed.

Seongsook Duncan said...

Hi Tami,

I was happy to receive your e-mail. I appreciate how much you have inspired cardmakers over the years including myself.

Congratulations on your new adventure. I welcome you to the Stampin' Up! family, too. I look forward to your inspirations and creative projects with Stampin' Up! products that will be awesome.

Sending my good thoughts on your way.
Seongsook Duncan, your fan since 2008