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A Simple Way to Journal with Books

Hi all!! Today I have a couple book reviews to share with those of you who enjoy creative journaling and the like. As I have said in the past, I am not a big "book" person. When I do read, it's almost always non-fiction or devotional in nature. But, when it comes to creative books such as coloring books, journals, and DIY how to, count me in!! 

The first book I have to share is called The Daily Question My Five Year Spiritual Journal. This is by far my favorite of the two books. The last line on the back reads ...this journal keeps a beautiful record of your hopes, thoughts, and spiritual journey. Which I feel is a very accurate description of this book.

This is a small book, roughly 4x6-inches in size and just under 1.5" thick. It has a hard textured cover with gold foil accents. It appears nicely bound and I suspect it will withstand several years of use, as it is designed for. It also has a ribbon bookmark which is extremely useful when returning to the current dated page.

The page design is simple yet visually appealing with consistent color and design throughout. Due to the small size the type for the questions is rather small, this may be a challenge for some to read but I was able to do so easily since they are short.

The Daily Question includes a variety of questions about where you are in life and where you hope to be. Each year the question is revisited and one can see how God had been at work changing those answers.The spaces to write your answers is lined and easy to see but compact, allowing what I would estimate a 3.75 × 1" area for each answer. If you are like me and like to keep it short and simple that's great. For those who like in depth answers this may not be enough space. (Think tweets vs. blog posts).

Overall I am pleased with the book and look forward to using in throughout the coming years to see how the answers change and develop. It is not only a quick and easy journal to see my life changes at a glance but could also become a great heirloom for generations to come. Especially true in an age where handwritten information is becoming obsolete. I can even look back on the pages to get prompts for specific dates in my scrapbooks after printing the photos!

The second book I have to share is 30 Days to Joy A One Month Creative JournalAs the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover. When I first saw this little book with the beautiful colors and attention to detail on the cover I was excited to get started.

A creative journal. Being someone who is drawn to artistic projects, I found the overall idea appealing but upon further examination was disappointed, as I was hoping for a little more substance.

While some may find the single color and floral doodles throughout the book monotonous, others might find it soothing to simply trace the images with colored pens, color them or even the ability to create over them. I personally would have preferred more variety in the patterns and images along a darker ink color.

With a title like 30 Days to Joy and coming from a Christian publisher I suppose I had expected more scripture and a thought provoking message. Only a small portion of the "inspiration" included are scriptures and the rest are quotes or flowery sayings, many of which I would have to research to know the actual background of the author.

With prompts like "portray your favorite weather on these two pages" and "What is your favorite color? Fill these two pages with things that are that color." The book does not really teach you how to find joy in a devotional style, bulding on the concept each day as I had expected. While these creative prompts give a variety of things to draw and write I felt they were not very thought provoking and some simply didn't flow well. One quote being "joy is strength" was followed by a prompt that asked "What is your favorite dessert? Describe or draw it and write out the list of ingredients".

All in all, the book was cute at first glance, with a nicely done hard cover and well made appearance, but not what I had anticipated. If you're looking for a "feel good" excuse to be creative this might be for you. If you have someone who you hope to lead to Christ who loves creative outlets this might be a good gift. If you're seeking an in depth Bible study with concepts that draw you closer to God and continue to build on what you've previously learned, keep looking.

I received these books from the publisher as part of the Waterbrook Multnomah Creative Team in exchange for my honest review.

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