Friday, December 15, 2017

The failing of a Pinterest DIY vision

A little about me. 
I love Pinterest.
I love trying new things.
I love telling other people about new things I find.
I've been known to be an enabler.

Put all of that together and you have the basis for today's post. I get contacted often about reviewing products. I LOVE trying new products so I'm usually game. But some products don't go quite as planned and I don't always get to share an "OMG try this" review.

Sometimes, I get contacted about a review that kinda makes me go thanks, but no thanks. Recently I got one of those emails. But for some unknown reason I saved it. Then I went to Pinterest and it all went down hill from there.

I'm not one who tolerates clutter well. I'm also not one who likes things that will collect dust. So, when I was asked to review a product from Museum Trees in exchange for a neutral review. I thought, not for me. But before I deleted the email I went to the site and looked. I came across this tree:

I thought, hmmm...maybe. It's almost Christmas and with a retail price of 79.99 that's more than some Christmas trees. Then I went to Pinterest and found this pin...

It was even a pin from, DecoArt, one of my favorite companies. Yep, this was meant to be.

Well, after a little debating with my inner "avoid the clutter" self I replied to the email and requested that adorable little tree. I mean it was a sign that this had to be crafted, no? Visions of that porch were dancing in my head. I would even have a cute prop for my Sizzix tutorials!! *squeal*

Then the day came. My wonderful UPS guy left the box on my porch. Knowing that I am always up to something crafty my husband asked what it was as he carried it in. "Don't open it! It's a surprise. Don't worry it didn't cost you anything". We were headed out of town at the time so I left it in the guest room. Upon our return I anxiously shared my excitement of the package on Instagram. *squeal again*.

I opened the box , expecting a beautiful little tree for all my crafty plans. Pulled it out. Ok, it will need a little shaping. That's to be expected. *pulling a few branches outward*

Being a country girl I have seen a lot of evergreen trees. This one wasn't what I would call "realistic". But, it might work. Going to have to fluff it up to cover the shine on that green wrapped center...

So I began to shape. And shape. And shape.  Although still not what I had envisioned I pulled enough of the branches around that I got something that somewhat resembled the photo...

Unfortunately, I'd also have to push it against a wall because to the one side looking like that, the back looked like this...

Hello shiny green wrapped tree trunk. While I always appreciate the opportunity to try something new. Sadly, I knew it was time to get back to crafting because this "tree" was nothing like I had hoped for. 

I finally push it into the collect dust...

*This product was received free from Museum Trees in exchange for my honest review.

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