Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pin Purchase Plan!

I've considered getting a planner for several years now. But honestly, "planning" is not my thing. I sort of take things one day (minute) at a time. If I ever make "plans" then they get changed and I am disappointed. So, everyone who knows me knows...I don't plan. I really don't set goals either. I just take each day as it comes and try to be content with that moment. 

So, I guess I have a book to write ideas, grocery lists and notes! Maybe a schedule here and there.

It all started out when I was looking on Amazon for rings to go with this new die:

Sizzix Movers & Shapers Magnetic Die - Book Binding

Well, then I saw The Big Happy Planner

Pretty pens.

Uh. Oh.

Then I went to Pinterest and starting pinning planner ideas and printables...

It all went down hill from there...

But, I am kind of excited of the idea of having all of my notes and ideas and such in one place! 

One. Cute. Place.

One. Shiny. Colorful Place.

As you can tell, I'm new to the planner world.
Are you a planner? Leave me a comment and tell me about yours!


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windinstarsranch said...

Ok I have the die but WHERE do you find those disks for use in the binding

Create It Simply said...

The ones from The Happy Planner that I bought will work. They come in several colors with a little heart in the middle! You can get them at Michael's or, my favorite way to shop, Amazon Prime-->> The Happy Planner Rings.