Friday, June 15, 2018

DecoArt Front Door and Shutter Makeover

As I mentioned in my last post, I have moved on from the world of design teams and publication and replaced it with a "just for fun" attitude. I am experimenting with everything from paper to paint to fabric and home decor. Over the past few months I have created quite a few fun and easy craft projects to share. Today, I wanted to share the biggest project, which is also the one I am most excited about. My front door and shutter makeover!

When we built our house over 15 years ago I wanted blue. Everything blue. But over the years the blue of the shutters and door had faded, the white around the windows became outdated and the trim needed work due to the fact a puppy we previously owned liked to use it for a chew toy.

Front Door (before)
Shutters (before)

Now, that my kids are grown and less in need of supervision I decided to tackle the task of correcting those issues. With the help of Americana Decor® Curb Appeal™  exterior paint in New England Navy and Farmhouse White I finished the task and was thrilled with the results!

I began with the shutters. I was going to take them down to paint them but my husband wasn't quite as into that idea as I was, so they stayed attached. It actually wasn't as difficult as I had imagined and I was able to finish all 6 shutters in one day.  I started with a narrow brush and painted the slats and then went around the outside edges.

Here is the before and after difference side-by-side:

The next day, I began to tackle the front door project. I taped around the windows and brick and my son patched the chewed up trim with wood filler. I began with the side panels and then did the door the following day since it had to be taken off and I wanted plenty of time to finish it.

The door itself only took about half a day so we had it off, painted and back on before my husband got home from work.

Front Door Before and After 

Now everything is fresh and new! Except the landscaping, but that is currently in the works and almost finished too!!

That has been my biggest project this year but I have more fun things to share soon, both inside and out! 

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